FleaFall 1.21

Picture a bright colourful world where happy FLEAS jump around...

Picture a bright colourful world where happy FLEAS jump around in big fun levels. By now you are picturing FleaFall! The fun new game from Team Fleafall!

You compete for THE ORB! THE ORB is a shining, sparkling prize which gives you points! You can play your way through the SINGLE PLAYER tournament (champion edition only) and become GRANDMASTER or play with friends in the MULTIPLAYER game or over Internet/LAN.

You can even use the game to chat to friends in Internet/LAN games! In SINGLE PLAYER you are always the red flea. Jump into the shining orb to beat your opponents.

This will give you points. The trick is to get to the orb before the others! Extra points can be had by getting an unbroken chain of ORBS and by making distance jumps, this will give you a satisfying score multiplier!

All of this action takes place in beautifully drawn colourful levels, each drawn by skilled artists. The Champion edition also includes 2 extra game modes, free updates, full SINGLE PLAYER mode, the ability to upload your own levels to other players and download new levels free, and unrestricted Internet/LAN ganes!

Both editions (Champion and Apprentice) have 4 player functionality and a full range of computer opponents to play against, and a tutorial level to get you started.

There is even a sudden death mode for end of game draws, fun sound effects, music, audio options, autosave, windowed option and great visual effects!

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